How Most Athletes Are Crippling Their Mental Toughness

I just posted a new audio for you called, “How Most Athletes Are Crippling Their Mental Toughness – Especially If They Are Using Sports Psychology!” This audio is straight from a special interview I did […]

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Accepting Yourself Unconditionally in Sport

Most sports psychologists push positive thinking on you all the time. They kind of imply that if you are angry or frustrated it’s because you have dysfunctional thinking. I’ve found that the easiest, most profound […]

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Michael Jordan Reveals His Basketball Mental Game Secrets

In just 90 seconds of Michael Jordan’s acceptance speech for the NBA Hall of Fame, he gives us some major pearls about his basketball mental game.

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Are You Too Nice To Win At Tennis?

David, a tennis player, sent me his list of Top Ten stressors. And #2 on his list was, “Playing an opponent I want to impress.” Gasp. My first thought was, “Seriously?” I mean, sport is […]

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The Green-Eyed Monster and a Winning Psychology in Golf

Comparing yourself to others is NOT jealousy. Nor is it wrong. I get this question a lot from golfers who think that comparing themselves to peers – and wanting to beat them – is wrong. […]

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