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"Why Most Golfers Are Crippling Their Golf Psychology!"

Trying To Win Under Pressure Will Not Work Unless
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Lisa Brown

Dear Golfer,

Most golfers are crippling their golf psychology. They are literally killing their own mental toughness on the golf course and don't even know it.

They look forward to playing but will suddenly lose their swing, their confidence and consistency yet have no idea why.

My name is Lisa Lane Brown and discovering these missing pieces made me a three time World Champion in my sport. I also found out the reason why virtually every golfer, coach, and golf psychologist does not know about them. When you discover the reason, you will shake your head in amazement that you did not think of it first.

But one thing is for sure: you are going to have a radically new view of golf psychology and how you can use it to skyrocket your mental game today. Simply enter your name and email address and I'm going to teach you the missing pieces you need to get the courage to win. I assure you that this information is not available from any other source.

How To Get More Power In Your Drives Using Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology Secrets Reveal! Here’s how to get more power in your drives overnight using this easy golf psychology tip. I’ve said it many times. One of the most common causes of short distance is […]

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Conquer Frustration Using The Proper Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology – Conquer Frustration! If you want to get off the emotional roller coaster of golf, here is the exact golf psychology you need. First, you must realize that anger and frustration are not […]

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Golf Psychology Tips: How To Deal With Irritating Golfers

Mental Golf Psychology to Shield Yourself from Irritation Woody Allen may not have been a golf psychology expert, but he did say, “80% of problems come with hair on top.” If you get annoyed by […]

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Trying Softer – A Radical Golf Psychology Technique

Playing Your Best Golf Is Easy With This Radical Golf Psychology There’s a radical golf psychology that plays an integral role in the performance of every great golfer. This tip stems from a common psychological […]

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The Secret To A Masterful, Positive Mental Golf Psychology

Positive thinking is a powerful mental golf psychology weapon. You can use it to win under pressure, because most golfers really have no idea how to think positively. There are two steps to this psychology […]

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Use Golf Psychology to Banish your Fear of Losing

If you are like most golfers, you do not realize how much the fear of losing gets in your way when playing – nor do you realize how much golf psychology could help you banish […]

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The Golf Psychology Cure For Over-Analysing and Over-Thinking

The Golf Psychology Cure For Over-Analysing and Over-Thinking Over-thinking and over-analyzing are two diseases that will sabotage your golf psychology every time. In the rest of life, thinking and analyzing are good. They help you […]

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The Psychology of Golf: Steel Yourself To Be A Tough Competitor

Many golfers accidentally sabotage their golf psychology by assuming they are supposed to have positive expectations all the time. So they go into a round expecting it to unfold well. This is a BIG mistake […]

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A Golf Psychologist’s Secret That Always Cures A Bad Attitude

“I lost my swing.” “I got a lousy start.” “My rival trash talked me.” These are typical reasons golfers give for their misery when the going gets tough. The truth? These golfers are using distractions […]

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A Golf Psychology Success Story: He Beat Icons Like Tiger (Not In Golf Psychology Books)

In 2010 North Ireland’s Graeme McDowell demonstrated that at top levels of sport, winning is indeed about

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