Sports Psychology Tips

Gabriela Sabatini’s Sports Psychology Secret

For many years Gabriela Sabatini was an elite tennis star, consistently ranked in the top five in the world. On the surface – to most fans – everything seemed fine with Gabriela. But she had […]

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Soderling Stunned Federer with a Winning Sports Psychology

How Soderling Stunned Federer At The US Open Robin Soderling stunned defending champion Roger Federer in the 2010 quarterfinal of the French Open, winning 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 in come-from-behind fashion. It’s the first time […]

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Learn Sports Psychology Secrets Most Athletes Will Never Know

You’re on the verge of learning secrets most athletes and coaches will never know about winning under pressure. Hi, it’s Lisa B. here and I got interested in sports psychology years ago as an elite […]

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How To Get Over A Devastating Loss In Sport

From 2000 to 2004 my team had to play the same powerhouse team in the finals. And every year, we LOST. In 2005, we entered the finals optimistically: “It’s going to be our year!” we […]

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How Most Athletes Are Crippling Their Mental Toughness

I just posted a new audio for you called, “How Most Athletes Are Crippling Their Mental Toughness – Especially If They Are Using Sports Psychology!” This audio is straight from a special interview I did […]

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Accepting Yourself Unconditionally in Sport

Most sports psychologists push positive thinking on you all the time. They kind of imply that if you are angry or frustrated it’s because you have dysfunctional thinking. I’ve found that the easiest, most profound […]

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The True Psychology of Success in Sport

I have learned a secret… I have learned a secret about mental toughness in sport that only 3% of athletes out there have discovered. Most athletes will never figure out this sport psychology secret (and […]

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