Gabriela Sabatini’s Sports Psychology Secret

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For many years Gabriela Sabatini was an elite tennis star, consistently ranked in the top five in the world.

On the surface – to most fans – everything seemed fine with Gabriela.

But she had a secret fear…

That she would leave her tennis career without ever winning a major international title.

With the help of a sports psychologist, Gabby decided to REALLY harness the power of visualization.

Video footage was created of Gabby’s best performances and matched to her favorite music.

Over and over, she watched her best serves, volleys, and returns to music that relaxed and inspired her.

In 1990, Sabatini made her dream come true, beating Steffi Graf for the US Open title.

There’s a saying in the mental game of sport.

‘What you see IS what you get.’

Visualization (mental rehearsal) is a funny thing.

Nobody really knows exactly how it works to give you mental toughness in sport (although there have been some excellent studies on the brain, and researchers are getting closer every day).

What we do know is that it DOES work.

I think it’s because visualization penetrates your unconscious mind.

It gets to where both the genius and the fear is.

When your skills are up to par – and you’re ready to compete – visualization floods you with confidence.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with your technique, conditioning, or strategy, the opposite will happen. You’ll get nervous and start to doubt yourself.

It’s the reason why most athletes and coaches don’t visualize, even if they believe in sports psychology.

As soon as they feel nervous, they think they’re doing something wrong, and stop visualizing.

Superstar athletes don’t fall prey to this mistake.

Instead of aborting their visualization, they explore it. They ask, “What’s making me so nervous? And how can I fix it?”

Of course, fixing any a technique or strategy problem is easy.

Just use the same method: visualization.

Go out and find the best athletes who are competing in your sport right now.

Zero in on anything you’re struggling with, and watch the world’s best repeat their technique over and over. If you’re already one of the best, find a peer you can train with. Watch him or her with a quiet mind.

Ask your brain and body to fix whatever is wrong in your game or performance.

After just a few hours of watching, you’ll improve…no effort or training required.

That’s the beauty of sport.

Sometimes fixing your mental game is easy…it’s ‘watch and do’

When I was a kid, I understood this instinctively.

I spent hours watching the older athletes in my sport.

It was only later that I realized that nobody else on my team was doing it. They were off playing hacky sac…but I was fascinated with how good the older players were. I wanted to soak up every move they made.

Athletes who use the sports psychology techniques in The Courage to Win in Sport, like visualization, find that winning becomes easy and natural.

Struggling with your consistency?

Want to change your results but don’t know where to start?

The Courage to Win in Sport can make it all happen for you–faster than you think.

You can even try it FREE for 7 days. There’s no better deal than that:

Light it up out there,
Lisa B.

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