A Golf Psychologist’s Secret That Always Cures A Bad Attitude

Women implementing golf psychologist secret

“I lost my swing.” “I got a lousy start.” “My rival trash talked me.”

These are typical reasons golfers give for their misery when the going gets tough. The truth? These golfers are using distractions as an excuse to wallow in fear and self-pity.

It’s the Dark Side of the Force tempting them.

Remember what Yoda said?

The Dark Side is quicker, easier, and more seductive.

I once worked with a golfer who was defending her Senior Club Championship. To be close to her and keep her golf psychology strong, I caddied, and the first day she shot a 72, taking a 5 stroke lead.

But the final day she came out average.

Eventually her missed shots began to irritate my golfer. Comments like, “I can’t believe that didn’t go in!” and “I missed another one!” started to creep in. To make matters worse, her rival was having a great round, mounting a strong charge.

When she missed a putt on the 10th hole, my golfer said, “Of course that didn’t go in. That’s how it’s been all day for me.”

I reminded her that golf is a game of patience. She replied, “That’s what you said 4 holes ago. How long do I have to be patient?!”

What I wanted to say was, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop being negative. The Dark Side is getting you and destroying your mental toughness.”

Of course I didn’t.

A Golf Psychologist’s Secret – Use The Law of Attraction

Finally, as we were walking to the 14th hole, I said, “Do you remember your attitude when you play poker? Every time you sit down, you expect good cards. You expect to win. Right now, you are expecting bad cards. You are expecting NOT to win. You are expecting your putts not to drop and you are playing conservative golf. And you are attracting what you are thinking about.

You need to use the law of attraction in your favour. Hit every shot with the expectation that it’s going to be great. Play every shot as if you are holding aces!

My golfer didn’t answer right away.

She walked a few steps, then smiled. “You’re right. I am expecting bad cards and I am expecting things not to go my way. It’s time to turn it around.”

She made 3 birdies in a row and won the Championship by 3 strokes.

Most golfers aren’t using even simple mental toughness strategies like these.

Want to be different?

Want to gain the mental edge?

If so, I recommend my Ebook, Breakthrough Golf! Lower Your Score Now Using the Mental Secrets of Professional Athletes. This book is all about getting rid of the blocks in your mind that are preventing you from winning consistently.

In the Breakthrough Golf, you grab your mind and steer yourself on the path to success.

You are in control out there.

You learn to trust your mind and body.

And, over time, you replace your doubts with a winning golf psychology.

It’s your job to unlock your potential…

And Breakthrough Golf! can help by giving you access to some of world class golf psychologist help now – you can even test it out for seven days FREE by going here: Breakthrough Golf! Lower Your Scores Now Using The Mental Secrets of Professional Athletes..

Light it up out there,
Lisa B.

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