How To Get Over A Devastating Loss In Sport

From 2000 to 2004 my team had to play the same powerhouse team in the finals. And every year, we LOST. In 2005, we entered the finals optimistically: “It’s going to be our year!” we […]

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The Psychology of Golf: Steel Yourself To Be A Tough Competitor

Many golfers accidentally sabotage their golf psychology by assuming they are supposed to have positive expectations all the time. So they go into a round expecting it to unfold well. This is a BIG mistake […]

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A Golf Psychologist’s Secret That Always Cures A Bad Attitude

“I lost my swing.” “I got a lousy start.” “My rival trash talked me.” These are typical reasons golfers give for their misery when the going gets tough. The truth? These golfers are using distractions […]

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